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The End.

ATC3Fansite launched roughly 8 years ago, with 25 members on its first day and a collection of few files scraped together from older forum sites. The aim was to bring this game series to a broader audience outside Japan, and allow for a community centered around it to develop. 

At its height, the site recorded 1,000+ accesses a day from all corners of the world. Today, with 12,000+ users and 1.4K Facebook likes, I consider that goal having been met.

To those that have supported the site throughout the years, I send a warm thank you. However, today it is clear and obvious that ATC3Fansite is not the ideal platform to continue building this community. Over the years, forum sites have come and gone, platforms such as Discord have become the centerpiece of communities and TechnoBrain has launched its international product line on Steam. 

With that, effective immediately, ATC3Fansite will start its process to close forever.

In the coming days and weeks, the Downloads pages will be going offline. Any links that ATC3FS had previously offered will be deleted. The community forums will continue to remain open until further notice. 

Please let me know using the contact form below if any user is willing to inherit the community on a different platform (e.g. Discord, Reddit, etc.) I will be more than happy to facilitate a transition of the community.

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