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ATC4 Games Taken Down Due to Copyright Violation

UPDATE: Thanks to a fellow user, all English version ATC4 games are back online. JP versions are still offline as of January 15, 2018.

As many users have pointed out in the past week, ATC4 download links have been offline due to a copyright violation notice. The following games are currently offline:




ATC3Fansite will be working with outside users to resolve this issue and potentially resume service. We ask that any user filing a copyright violation notice do so through the "Copyright Violation" link located on the left tab of download pages; this would reduce confusion and trouble for ATC3Fansite and it's users.

New ATC4 Game: ATC4 RJTT2 Haneda 2

TechnoBrain's latest update reveals that the next ATC4 game will be a second release of RJTT Haneda. The game promises some new features in the game, such as a new scoring system, fixed-point in-game views, and new airlines. More details will be released on ATC3Fansite's official forums as they become available from TechnoBrain. The game is set to release on February 22, 2018.

On ATC3Fansite, this new game will be subbed: ATC4 RJTT2 Haneda 2

ATC4 RJTT2 Official Forums:

RJTT2 - Tokyo Haneda 2 Forums

Official TechnoBrain RJTT2 Page:

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